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Are you wheelchair accessible?
Yes, we are able to accomodate manual wheelchairs if the weight of the passenger plus chair is under 250lbs (to ensure the safety of the passenger and crew members while embarking and disembarking). We apologize, but no electric wheelchairs or scooters are permitted. There is also a small step in each washroom doorway (as per Transport Canada regulations).

Are life jackets provided?
We have life jackets stowed on board for each passenger, and the captain and crew give a safety briefing before each cruise.

When can we board the ship?
Boarding begins 30 minutes before departure time.

Will I get seasick?
The water conditions on the St. Clair River tend to be calm-to-mild, however sometimes the ship will pitch/roll in unfavourable weather or due to recreational boat traffic. Most cases of motion sickness occur while we are tied up to the dock, therefore we ask passengers who are susceptible to motion sickness to wait on land until departure. Motion sickness pills, such as Gravol, should be taken at least 30 minutes before boarding for maximum effectiveness.

Is there a dress code?
We require passengers to wear shirt and shoes at all times. We prefer passengers to avoid wearing tall-heeled shoes (ie. stilletos) to avoid falls and damage to the decks. Flat, soft-soled shoes are preferred. As weather conditions are sometimes unpredictable on the water, we suggest wearing layers.

Do you allow pets?
We do not allow pets on board as a courtesy to other guests. We do allow readily apparent or documented service animals.

Do I need a passport?
You don't need a passport for our daily cruises. The only time a passport or NEXUS card is required is on our dinner cruises to the River Crab Restaurant.

Can I bring my own food/beverage?
We do not allow outside beverages on board. We have a snackbar on board to purchase beverages and we are licensed under the L.L.B.O. for alcohoic beverages. Passengers are welcome to bring a picnic lunch on board our public Sunday afternoon cruises only.

What is the capacity of the ship?
We are licensed under Transport Canada to carry a compliment of 192 passengers, however for a comfortable cruise we recommend no more than 150.

Is there music on board?
Background music will be played on all cruises and will be catered to the situation. On our public sight-seeing cruises, the captain will give a commentary as well as play music. For private charters we can play suitable music (SiriusXM), you may provide a DJ, or we can recommend a service for you.

Do you accept credit/debit cards? What forms of payment do you accept?
No. We only accept cash or cheque only. An ATM is available on board.

Can I run a bar tab?
We do not run bar tabs (as we don't take credit/debit cards). Please contact us in advance to explore other options.

Do you cruise if it's raining?
We cruise rain or shine. The ship has transparent weather curtains on the upper level to keep everyone dry and comfortable.

Is smoking permitted?
Smoking is permitted in one spot on the boat: downstairs at the very back of the boat, outside (tobacco and e-cigarettes only).

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